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Poem of love of 6 big classical English

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ClassicalEnglishLovePoem 1.

If You Were A Teardrop;In My Eye,

For Fear Of Losing You, I Would Never Cry

And IfThe Golden Sun, should Cease To Shine Its Light,

Just One Smile From You, would Make My Whole World Bright

If you are a tear in my eye, to do not lose you, my general never cries; If aureate sunshine, stopped its dazzling ray, your smile, will enlighten my whole world.

Poem of classical English love 2.

I Have Searched A Thousand Years, and I Have Cried A Thousand Tears.I Found Everything I Need, you Are Everything To Me.

My look for thousand all ages, I cried ten million second. I had found everything of need, you are everything my.

   Poem of classical English love 3.

I Just Wish Someday And Somehow, we Can Be Back Together, together We'll Stay, always And Forever.

I hope to have only so a day, anyway; We can be together afresh; Photograph of depend on each other is accompanied, until forever!

Poem of classical English love 4.

How Do I Say ILove You? How Do I Tell You I Care? How Do I Tell You I've Missed You, and Let You Know I'm Here?

How do I say I love you? How do I tell us to care about you? How do I tell you I am thinking you all the time? How to let you know I am here?

  Poem of classical English love 5.

For Years I Had Been Searching, for That Perfect Fantasy, but, I Find It In My Arms, right Now, you Are All To Me.

I had been searched old, for that beautiful dream, but, now, I discover it is in my brachial turn, you are me is all.

Poem of classical English love 6.

You Are My're My One And Only Dream.i Love You, and To You That I Mean.together For Always, I Hope We Will Be.i'll Love You Always.

You are my life, you are my exclusive dream. I love you, have you only, I hope we can be together forever. I can love you forever, if you still love me.

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