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The dog is the mankind most dutifulFriend. This, fromEnglishA lot of expression can see in. Will quickly look together below these " dog " , see those who have you to be not known.

(1) He Who Would Hang His Dog Gives Out First That It Is Mad.

Desire together with blame, why to suffer from without the word.

(2) A Staff Is Quickly Found To Beat A Dog With. Desire together with blame, why to suffer from without the word.

(3)Love Me, love My Dog. Love me.

(4) Too Much Pudding Will Choke A Dog. Flummery is too much choke dead dog.

(5) Every Dog Has His Day. Everybody all has complacent when.

(6) Barking Dogs Don ' T (seldom) Bite. The dog that love makes bites a person rarely.

(7) Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. Do not want provoke a dispute.

(8) Dead Dogs Bite Not. Dead dog does not bite a person.

(9) All Are Not Thieves That Dogs Bark At. The dog saw the differ choose a site for the capital that make is a thief. (do not want judge people with their appearance. )

(10) Every Dog Is A Lion At Home. The dog became the lion in door mouth.

(11) Don ' T Be A Dog (lying) InThe Manger. Not learn a dog to occupy manger not to browse. (do not want a hold on to a post without doing any work and not let anyone else take over. )

(12) Dog Does Not Eat Dog. Congener not photograph incomplete.

(13) Scornful Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings. The dog is again proud also can eat dirty flummery.

(14) A Son Never Thinks His Mother Ugly, and A Dog Never Shuns Its Owner ' S Home However Shabby It Is. do not disrelish Mu Chou, the dog does not disrelish a deficient.

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