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The culture difference that place of 1 English-Chinese idiom reflects

1. 1 the difference of surroundings
England is insularity, and Chinese the people lives in Asian mainland. Because the idiom in this English often involves water and boat, and Chinese cannot leave ground however. If describe the extravagant that spend money, beautiful Qian Rushui of English Spend Money Like Water () , chinese is ” of “ spend money like water; Appearance someone might is clinking, english is Turn The Tide (to rotate tide) , chinese turns round ” of heaven and earth for “ . British weather fantasticality, because this people sees,love talks about weather: “Lovely Day, isn′tit? ”(weather is much better! ) , china had a meal for quite a long time in the past is the problem that people cares, because this meets to often say: Did “ eat? ”

1. The difference with consuetudinary 2
The nothing is more... than with English-Chinese and consuetudinary the most typical difference to the dog this is planted on the manner of the animal. The idiom that concerns with the dog in Chinese contains derogatory sense, be like ” of “ a gang of scoundries, ” of “ a cornered beast will do something desperate is waited a moment. And the person is considered as in western country dog most Achates, if someone says “you Are Lucky Dog”(to you you are lucky dog) or every dog has “every Dog Has His Day”(his heaven and earth) , must not think he is to scolding you.
The Chinese calls ” of “ red happy event knot legitimate child, call ” of “ Bai Xi the the dead's issue, will tell to Hesperian, good understanding of ” of “ red happy event, but ” of “ Bai Xi cannot understand however, died did the person also become happy event unexpectedly?
1. The difference of respect of belief of 3 religion
Hesperian believes god, the Chinese believes the God of ” of nature of dictate of “ of Bodhisattva, letter, because this Chinese says “ Bodhisattva blesses ” , hesperian says God Blessyou(god is us to bless) ; The Chinese says “ day knows ” , hesperian says God Knows (is sacred just know) .
The Chinese builds a room to build grave exquisite and geomantic, can live in a lot of places among Hesperian lifetime, after dying, also be bury is in cathedral, do not have consequently any geomantic but character. State-owned very much place abstains from in manage a wedding in odd-numbered days, hesperian abstains from 13 ” of “ .
1. The difference of 4 aesthetic appeal
Appellation 779 years old even female longlived person of 100 years old is Miss “ ” , in the west it is constant manage, and the discomfort that China can cause a reader however. Grin of same a verbal Grin() , when depict woman, be about interpret laughs at ” into mouth of “ close lightly, when depict man, be about interpret laughs at ” into “ grin.
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