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The assurance of cognitive viewpoint in English-Chinese interpreter

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To the world that the mankind lives jointly, each nation is having roughly identical knowledge, this is the foundation of human intercourse. However, the point of view that different people feels to objective world is different, cognitive viewpoint is endless and identical, thinking means and psychological habit also are put in certain difference. The different meeting of cognitive viewpoint causes the difficulty in translator understands in semantics and passing interpret. Accordingly, how to decide the cognitive viewpoint of pair of place interpret work, became translator whether finish information successfully from textual the critical factor that delivers translation.

One, the difference of cognitive viewpoint
Because the eye of world of each nation look upon and kind are different, the thing that be in is put in objective world, the psychology in different people can produce different symbolic significance. And Chinese the error that the inertial likelihood of ethical thinking causes understanding of meaning of analogy of eventful to be being made in English content to go up. To ” of Vinegar ———“ vinegar, chinese thinking habit of the nation is rise it with connection of “ envious ” . Point to respect of relation of male and female especially, be like: Jealous, acetic meaning. And of the one word of Vinegar in English associate the meaning is bilious, acrid and grouchy, acerbity ———speech, temper, etc. Of A Sour And Acid Character. (TheOxford English Dictionary, 1978)
Press of national defence industry publishs " English-Chinese word sea " (1988) “Thesmile Couldn’t Disguise The Vinegar In Her Voice. ” interpret becomes:
“ smile does not conceal the acetic meaning ” in her sound, it is ill-considered apparently, the error that because one word of “vinegar” is easy,causes Chinese reader associates. And Shanghai translation press publishs " English-Chinese big dictionary " (1993) draws this one illustrative sentence together, chinese interpret is: Her smile cannot conceal “ her acerbic mood ” , communicate the Yu Yi that gave one speech of Vinegar well and truly.
(1) She Couldn’t Risk Mrs. Merriwether Writing Another Letter To Her Mother. “You Old Buffalo! ”Shethought, her Face Crimson With Suppressed Fury. “ ox ” this one figure, the thinking habit that presses Chinese is “ hard-working ” , of ” of “ willingly bear the burden of hard works indicative. And the thinking habit of English nation is often threaten Buffalo with “ , mockingly others, rebarbative person ” connection rises. Accordingly, to communicate a textual meaning well and truly, also the method that appropriate uses paraphrase will handle:
“ you this rebarbative old stuff! She is pressing ” one antrum fury, all over the face hold back is gotten aglow.
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