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Compare with the oral interpretation photograph of other type, construction site oral interpretation has the characteristic of its oneself. This requirement dragoman should have higher language quality not only, know many professional knowledge, have capacity of agile meet an emergency, and have the capacity that overcomes all sorts of difficulty and obstacle even. The author has favour to hold the position of a country Bo of colour of An Yang of —— of 85 priority discipline 2 period the spot interpreter of the project, the obstacle in oral interpretation of the characteristic that was familiar with construction site oral interpretation thereby, science and technology and eliminate, do well the key of construction site oral interpretation.

One, the characteristic of construction site
(One) interpreter of construction site spoken language belongs to science and technology (English) colloquial category, is not general oral interpretation. English of so-called science and technology, it is daily English adds professional knowledge and terminology (Specialized Wo Rds) applies in what concern professional respect. English vocabulary can be divided to be not vocabulary of science and technology (Non2techn Ical Wo Rds) , multi-purpose vocabulary (Sem I2techn Icalwo Rds) and pure terminology (Specialized Wo Rds) . The vocabulary that uses in construction site interpreter is vocabulary of blame science and technology for the most part or multi-purpose vocabulary, and place of alleged pure terminology holds proportion very small. We want special attention when holding the position of the spot to translate multi-purpose lexical usage, because same words and phrases can be used at daily life spoken language already, can use at each different major again, and acceptation is completely different, be like: Rolling mill of Ro Lling M Ill () , cotton spinning factory of Co T Tonm Ill () , in mechanical major M Ill interpret makes ” of “ milling machine: Be like washing machine of W Asher (again) in mechanical major interpret makes “ gasket ” , shaf T(axis) in mining major however interpret makes “ shaft ” . To this kind of word, make clear above all only belong to which one major, just but interpret gives right the meaning of a word.
(2) the service object of construction site oral interpretation is expert of China and foreign countries more
With project technology personnel, is not common staff member, the demand of quality of interpret of speak or sing alternately is very high. Because attend the personnel of spot construction to involve each aspects such as project technology, management, the expert that foreign group comes also belongs to above more a few kinds, reason translates personnel to want to be aimed at different object to be handled neatly in translating a process. Although the target of the service is potential different, but the purpose of spot construction (turn into the design reality, inside the time that provides in contract place, protect maintain a volume character, finish project job with the smallest price) the side focal point that defined construction site oral interpretation is actual installation and debug. For example, when personnel of bilateral project technology is discussing construction issue, they are to be aimed at blueprint paper to study construction method commonly, or undertake to the equipment that already installed quality inspection is waited a moment. Bilateral technology personnel did not talk casually about when the dialog, talk about also be a few issues that concern with construction. Accordingly, want already when the interpreter accurate, attentive, what should notice speech again is chastening, cannot let off to any detail, avoid by all means does not understand outfit understand, fumble or make not exact interpreter by intuition, the misunderstanding that causes personnel of technology of both sides of China and foreign countries even dispute. It is like the expert when the spot is perambulatory, classics regular meeting and in square technology personnel chats, can appear at this moment a few professional jargon that use according to type of work, if the aspect is built in the pool furnace of smelt glass, ” of the ” of “ hand iron that square personnel often says in, “ ox leg, “ gathers up the technical common saying such as grey door ” , foreign the special appellation that waits to certain equipment, tool is in personnel sometimes cannot check in the dictionary. When if both sides is in,language respect cannot be communicated, dragoman can submit to have the aid of of bilateral technology personnel is all-purpose draft of language —— technology (Techn Ical Sketch) will undertake communication.
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