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The interpreter holds not small proportion in the subjective problem that in university English 46 class take an exam not only, and interpreter ability still affects the examinee performance in the composition directly. Want to take tall fraction in translating a problem, besides sound language basic training, be in even at ordinary times the training in the exercise translates “ program ” one set, in order to ensure accuracy rate. With in interpret flower “ I am consulted to her, she always grants whatever is requested, and the explanation must make me well-content. ” is exemple, will show “ program ” of the interpreter.

The first pace: Read Chinese, logic clear construction, had built overall frame
Chinese must be read carefully, numerate sentential structure: To brief simple sentence, discern piece advocate call guest, distinguish attributive, appositive and adverbial modifier; To standing side by side sentence, remember the independent clause on two syntactic meanings, must rise by conjunction join; To compound sentence, need divisional and attributive subordinate clause, substantival sex subordinate clause and adverbial modifier subordinate clause. In illustrative sentence, we can numerate “ I consult ” to her is subordinate clause of time adverbial modifier, for the “ after echo always be ” , we can choose “ every time ” (Every Time) will act as conjunction. In retrospective main clause, “ grants whatever is requested the relation between ” and “ explanation ” is paratactic, need a conjunction to join these two verbs, namely OK and corresponding “ and the structure that ” uses “not Only……but Also……” , also can simplify for “and” of a conjunction.

The 2nd pace: Combine Chinese, decide the position of the keyword and use

Take place seriously to give a keyword, to the usage of the of all kinds word of its place check or special sentence pattern, wait like sentence pattern of inverted sentence, It and There Be sentence pattern, can have first roughly forecast. On this foundation, return textual, ” of “ suit the remedy to the case, assure it and agree textually degree. In the meantime, also should devoted to absolutely the syntactical functions and morphological features that help to determine a part of speech that gives a speech and big the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral. In 06 illustrative sentence, combinative “ makes me well-content ” , couplet thinks of with the To My that uses as one used to do. . . , place is To My Full Satisfaction to keyword applicable.

The 3rd pace: Second reading Chinese, decide verbal tense and voice

Sentence medium verb ought to pay close attention to closely. If sentence in have two or the verb of two above, so do main clause predicate besides outside, those who remain is not to do paratactic sentence or compound a medium predicate, do blame predicate namely. To making the verb of predicate, tense often is the easiest negligence. Accordingly, the 3rd pace is the tense of clear verb and its usage. In the meantime, in also suggesting students are translating training at ordinary times, besides the verb, still but basis meaning group the phrase that reachs a few use that involve a statement, word group idiom, come down certainly first, undertake rectifying an interpreter again next, in order to ensure accuracy rate. In addition, the is not word word correspondence absolutely interpreter that interpret flower place asks in. Falling without circumstance of off-the-peg fixed expression practicable, should change numerous for brief, will already language knowledge serves as a foundation, change Chinese reasonably, use knowledge migratory undertake an interpreter. What we know according to Chinese what it narrates above all is objective fact, because this uses general present tense certainly. When in the interpreter “ consults ” to her, according to us foregone word group “ appeals to someone ”turn To Sb For Help or Ask Sb For Help, will beg “ to aid ” changeover to suggest to beg “ ” , interpret is Turn To Her For Advice or Ask Her For Advice. Grant whatever is requested as to phrasal “ ” , want changeover to be happy to aid person ” for “ first, namely Be Ready To Help.
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