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The interpreter of English law file

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Translate expert net 2005-05-19Chen Gongchao

Author brief introduction: Chen Gongchao, was born 1923. Was graduated from faculty of Wuhan university law 1945, came to was in the Parisian university of faculty of faculty of law of university of mulberry of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, Geneva university law and France early or late 1950 1947 law courtyard academy learns. Ever pursued research and interpret officer job in institute of relation of international of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ever held the post of trade hurried to meet lawyer of counsel department part-time job. Comrade Chen Gongchao is domestic number not much perfectness flower, one of legal experts of French, ever went to U.N. orgnaization to work for many times, achievement strikings, very high opinion is obtained in U.N. . Of his chief editor " vocabulary of economy of English-Chinese law politics " become U.N. the necessary reference book of branch of each orgnaization Chinese.

The legal file that article place speaks of, besides law, regulations, byelaw, still include treaty, agreement, contract, constitution, guarantee, judgment to wait a moment. Adjudicate in what there is the International Court of Justice inside U.N. limits and seek advice from an opinion, the resolution of congress and Security Council, the clausal draft that committee of U.N. law of nations drafts and other file.

One, the problem that place of file of interpreter English law encounters

Translate the problem that place of English law file encounters or difficulty, have two sides, it is the problem of Chinese respect, the 2 problems that are professional respect.
From Chinese respect for, the syntactic structure of legal file often is compared complex, the sentence is long, big cover small, small cover clause, sometimes one takes one page, more than even one page. The person of file of the law that draft appears very be afraid of what is omited, by person exploit an advantage, often like to be written very trivally, reach every aspect of a matter, include all possibility. Exemple a if rules of a company is medium the clause about company goal is medium:

"To Purchase, take On Lease Or In Exchange, hire Or Otherwise Acquire And Hold For Any Estate Or Interest, any Lands, buildings, easements, rights, privileges, concessions, patent Rights, licences, secret Processes, machinery, plant, stock-in-trade, or Any Real Or Personal Property Of Any Kind Necessary Or Convenient For The Purpose Of Or In Connection With The Company's Business. Or Any Real Or Personal Property Of Any Kind Necessary Or Convenient For The Purpose Of Or In Connection With The Company's Business..

Here use consecutively Purchase of a few verbs (buy) , Take On Lease Or In Exchange (rent, exchange) , Hire (hire) , add Or Otherwise Acquire even (or obtain with other way) . List Lands about verbal object (land) , Buildings (building) , Easements (servitude) , Rights (the right) , Privileges (prerogative) , Concessions (concessionary) , Patent Rights (patent) , Licences (license) , Secret Processes (secret technology) , Machinery (, this is insufficient still, say Any Real Or Personal Property Of Any Kind even (all sorts of movables or praedial) . Said Necessary (necessary) , say Convenient even (convenient) , said For The Purpose Of (for) , say Or In Connection With even (or involve) .
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