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Plain dish will unite interpreter standard name

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From the Chengdu City qualitative inspect bureau learns, draft by this bureau make " Sichuan name dish is fastfood flower, law of day, Han Yi " local standard has been made end, already entered seek opinion level to the society, social all circles can pledge through Chengdu a variety of means methods such as website of inspect bureau government and written material undertake the circumstance is mirrorred.

“ arrives since this day on July 10, " Sichuan name dish and name are fastfood flower, law of day, Han Yi " standard of place of the Chengdu City asks for opinion draft to begin to seek an opinion extensively, on the fastfood a list of names posted up with 700 kinds of plain dish, famous Sichuan famous, what do you have to suggest to be able to speak out. ” pledges according to the Chengdu City relevant controller introduces inspect bureau, making way of interpret of Han of plain dish english-Japanese is not to think up limelight, not be to want to take credit for someone else's achievements before the leader more, doing a real thing really however, this controller explanation says, present plain dish translated term is very random, for instance hemp mother-in-law bean curd, interpret is MaPo Beancurd, also have saying is the bean curd) that Beancurd With Piquancy(has piquancy, still have Nincedmeet With? Juan Beancurdinpep-persauce(is used peppery fry ground meat and bean curd) with soy, the most classical is the bean curd) that metaphrase of Doufu Maked By The Old Woman With Freckles(is the old woman that grew fleck to do, still have cook again flesh, the interpreter is Slicedpork, sichuanstyle(metaphrase is the pork that “ dissections, sichuan gust ”) ; Various interpreters can't help letting person split one's sides with laughter, but friend feels the foreign country that often also lets live in Chengdu to be not worn brains. Good discovered a plain food that oneself like not easily, “MaPo Beancurd” ate in this inn today, will be in tomorrow that inn, cannot also find “MaPo Bean again? The sign of Juan Curd” . So, we make the purpose of this place standard serve in Yu Weimin, what also promoted plain food at the same time is famous degree, beautiful praise spend and the integral figure of Chengdu.

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