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Translate the detail that the attention needs in the process

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The preparation before interpret works: After read through full text, can carry a network other perhaps way, consult the cultural background that this article place involves, this is helpful for your better assurance translation.

Style: The style of translation should faithful at textual. Choose free translation or be metaphrase wants discreet.

Translation language: Translation language wants accurate, clear and coherent and succinct, can organize a language according to the expressive habit of the language after interpret, avoid too complex sentence structure as far as possible.

Check a word: In translating a process, can come up against a few specific vocabularies. For instance: Specific choice of words waits company name, professional term, industry a moment. The initial of this kind of vocabulary is met commonly great. You can search the Chinese of this kind of vocabulary to translate through searching engine. The choice uses the most, exactest Chinese translated term or name.

The link reachs a picture: The link in the article and picture rise to full text normally explanation, additional action. In the process that translating so, in translation same position, attach link reachs a picture, the translation that lets you is more complete, more professional.

Composing: Make go for nothing between composing —— paragraph to full text after the interpreter is finished, paragraph head open two Chinese characters for nothing, stress certain written language according to textual composing key. Such composing means, more be helpful for reading, it is especially in the article with longer length, the person that can let browse is read rise more relaxed, do not produce visual exhaustion.
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