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Semantic Differential and culture difference (6)

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In Chinese culture, people is done not have commonly to the lion so much associate. The lion is a kind of feral and powerful animal nevertheless, not likely is majestic and grand, it is the tiger often can be caused associate similarly.
In Chinese culture, people is right of the tiger associate have stand or fall two respects. Say from good side, hu Yingyong is bold, hale and strong, determined and decisive. Be like. “ tiger does ” , “ rise to resemble Hu Laoxiong of small tiger ” , “ alive the heart is in the name “ that Hu Hu of ” , “ has term and the man such as angry ” is big tiger ” , “ 2 tigers ” , “ is small. Say from bad side, the tiger is feral and cruel, marble. Be like: Tyranny of ” of “ obstacle ” , “ bully people by flaunting one's powerful connections, “ is fierce Yu Hu ’ .
Tell the birds and beasts with fabulous or medium myth finally. Be in China is court times feudality people dragon (Dragon) and phoenix (Phoenix) the tradition that serves as imperial power is indicative. Dragon represents a monarch, phoenix the wife of a prince after the delegate, be without derogatory sense. At this late hour, the animal in these two kinds of fokelore still now and then appear in traditional Chinese pattern. Dragon is a kind of indicative and auspicious animal, so Chinese middling says parent “ hopes children will have a bright future ” , hope to after the child is brought up, can be accomplished somewhat namely. Give the name since the boy word of ” of dragon of commonly used also “ , be like ” of “ Long Xiang, “ one dragon ” .
Hesperian thinks however Dragon (dragon) be symbolize evilly, think dragon is an eccentric person of fierce and cruel indulge in wilful persecution, should grant to eliminate. The achievement that with dragon this kind of an eccentric person makes a fight is stressed in the fokelore of saint of a few depict and hero, be killed to be ending with an eccentric person more. The famousest perhaps is the Christian era 700 years or so full case Lu Yisa captures abdicate person about achievement of husband of Bei Aowu Er epic. Husband of Bei Aowu Er defeats the hero in the poem after monster case Lun Daier, fight with evil dragon, both perish together. Interesting is, the dragon on traditional Chinese painting does not have wing in, the dragon on western picture is an eccentric person that has wing however.
In western myth, phoenix (phoenix) concern with renascent, second birth, the basis is Greek and fabulous, civilian can making old —— have a kind of view alive is 500 years. When this one period ends, phoenix build one nest, sing elegiac, patting wing leaf on fire, mew burn-up, phoenix cremate ashes, cindery in fly off again new phoenix. Accordingly, the main building be on fire when an a town, place or some organization or when be being destroyed because of other reason, the phoenix that good intention person can wish fokelore of its “ elephant is medium in that way, rise a ” from inside remains with brand-new appearance.
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