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Semantic Differential and culture difference (10)

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Be as follows list of different point citing now:
The act is same, the meaning is different
Chinese meaning
Limbs language
English meaning
Furious, angry, brokenhearted, compunction
Thank, express friendly feeling each other
Audience and audience applaud, performance or speaking person also applause
Applause for oneself; Be considered as not modest
Curious; It is open-eyed sometimes
Ground of fix eyes on looks
Not courteous; Make person get embarrassed; Uneasy
Object; Scold; Hoot
Send sound of “ hiss ”
The requirement is quiet
(scarce; See commonly be opposite at growing up the child) be very fond of; (to adult or youth, can cause allergy, the movement that is contemptuous person)
Tap the head of others
Comfort; Encourage; Dote on

The sense is same, the movement has difference
Limbs language of China
Limbs language of the United States
“ comes over ” (call others to come over)
Extend the hand to be called a person, control is down, a few finger bend a few times at the same time
Extend the hand to be called a person, control up, the make a fist swings with forefinger around (the Chinese feels disgusted to this)
“ loses face ”“ unabashed ” (tongue-in-cheek)
Extend index finger, delimit a few times on him face with finger tip, elephantine itching, nevertheless finger is straight
Extend the index finger of two hands, control is down, brush the reverse side of another forefinger with a forefinger
“ I am satiate ” (after having a meal)
A hand or two hands take the gut that takes his gently
What a hand puts in oneself is laryngeal, control is down (often say “ arrives here at the same time ” )

Consist in the movement in a kind of culture
Limbs language
In American meaning
Sip fingernail
Great mind burden; Afraid, be at a loss
Carrying a nose on the head with thumb, other 4 move pointing to a turn starts
Challenge, contempt
Jolty forefinger (forefinger is extended up, other 4 point to furl)
Admonitory others does not make something, state the other side is in err thing
Put arm before the bosom, enclasp fist, big toe is down, place a few times downward
Reject some proposal, tentative plan; Object someone; Express to object strongly
Blink (close a key point immediately, laugh slightly nod)
Express following a few kinds of feeling: Knowingly, favorable, encourage, pass information, express solidarity to wait
In Chinese meaning
With forefinger the dot is nodded or point to the nose that points to oneself
“ is my ” , the ” that “ is my doing (Hesperian thinks this gesticulation is a bit funny)
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