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14.Written language of English is similar every sentence should have subject, the subject of Chinese is so not main, if in front already said subject to be clear about, the sentence from the back does not use subject certainly. Be in even when another subject should appearing in the sentence, this subject still can omit.

They Used This Kind Of Scare Tactic When I Was Growing Up. I Wonder What They Use Today.
When I am small, they had used the method of person of this kind of gally. Use what method now, with respect to unknown. (translation the 2nd, my ” of their ” of two subject “ and “ did not appear. )

15. English has Who, the word such as Which, OK and derivative attributive subordinate clause, chinese is multi-purpose and paratactic clause, or sheet becomes, can handle attributive subordinate clause first sometimes.

Richardson, who Served As Both Secretary Of Defense And Secretary Of Health, education And Welfare During The Nixon Administration, was Talking About The Negotiations For A Law Of The Sea Treaty, which Came To A Virtual Conclusion Last Week After Six Years Of Deliberations.
Richardson ever was in Nixon holds the position of defense minister and minister of wholesome, education and welfare in the government, he says this word when speaking of the negotiation about marine law treaty. (translation used paratactic clause)

I Have Never Had Much Patience With The Writers Who Claim From The Reader An Effort To Understand Their Meaning.
Some writers, the reader should enrage ability to understand their meaning painfully, I do not have how many patience to such writer all along. (textual medium attributive subordinate clause is handled ahead of schedule in translation. )

16. Subject part of English is OK very long, the phrase that includes a few preposition guiding among them makes attribute, chinese often is conveyed with clause, perhaps become independently sentence.

The 180-page Document, with More Than 300 Articles And Eight Annexes, definitively Covers Every Conceivable Issue Dealing With The Seas, from The Definition Of What Constitutes An Island To The Jurisdiction Over Fish That Live In Fresh Water But Spawn In The Ocean.
This is as long as the file of 180 pages, have more than 300, have 8 attachment. It involves each when can think of issue that concerns with ocean, from the definition of islands, to the fish that grow to be born in fresh water and lays eggs in ocean jurisdictional, made specific provision. (textual medium subject part is become independently sentence. )

17. English besides have Who, outside the word such as Which, still have a verb - Ing form, because this sentence is OK very long, but organize very closely. Chinese is narrative, multi-purpose and paratactic structure, an one layer ground says the thing to be clear about. Sometimes can longer ground sentence interpret becomes a few short sentence.
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