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The low hand my opinion that experience of old master spoken English talks about

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Thinking this thing all the time this with what content begin, think carefully later, oneself can take what show before each ace namely A of 46 level spoken language. I was last year originally signed up in April, attend the colloquial exam May, at that time because feel southeast university coach the practice that the class establishs over dot signing up is flavour of the stink of money really too thick, blocking a tone up not to sign up for it. Bought this teaching material to prepare 3 days seriously, because SARS is sealed,receive an announcement school, the exam cancels. Then again also without giving thought to this thing. Arrived later by October get an announcement again, in November reexamination. Busy at that time midterm, add extreme ignored, a bit unready went examination room. Result take an examination ofing comes down, the mark is the feeling that makes me a bit surprizing really, among them Jing is more than happy event. Answer repeatedly later think of, gained a bit experience, be here its hair, communicate together with everybody.

Old master feels all the time, an alleged and outstanding spoken language ability should include 4 shares: Pronunciation, expression, consciousness, thought. Thought this thing, not be to pass what method to be able to drill those who come out, it and your knowledge accomplishment be closely bound up. Old master for say oneself to other a few opinion of 3 parts.

First for pronunciation. In pronunciation on this problem, I think this concept puts " endowment " in really all the time. Also had discussed this issue with everybody before, always the very good fellow student that mandarin says, general English articulates the metropolis is very good. The mandarin here is very good, those who point to is the native place that does not listen completely to give talker from inside mandarin. When because this can mirror instead,you learn the 2nd language, whether to have the capacity of the interference that removes parent language and influence. But you have even if such congenital condition, practicing beginning, still can experience to comparative anguish and lengthy correct sound process. Because besides few number favorite, we are most when the person just was beginning to learn English, of the teacher that is the level that very difficult bring into contact with says. It is with myself exemple, arrive as a child big, be in all the time reading, make a speech, argue, compere is not regular occupation this kind in positive performance, mandarin should say is to be in the person that be not one's previous experience of regular professional training very standard, when Dan Zaigang begins correct news, for those Th, terminal L these complex sound, have comparative for some time the mouth that I am suspecting myself is person mouth:) About practicing pronunciation, the method of myself is such: The first pace first correct one's pronunciation, in do
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