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Pass skill to train together (1)- - shadow practices

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Shadow practices (Shadowing Exercise) calls primitive again or only sign repeat practices. Follow almost synchronously with akin language namely the speech that reads a spokesman or beforehand data of the news recording with good transcribe, conference. The attention that the purpose of this training is education dragoman allocates (Distribute Attention) and the simultaneous interpretation skill that hear synchronism undertakes. When doing shadow to practice, when beginning, can begin with primitive synchronism, after the exercise that passes period of time, can be in the moment after primitive begins, after the exercise that passes period of time, can arrive in the moment after primitive begins a word follows read primitive. When reading primitive, following is parrot not just, should accomplish ear listening (primitive) , mouth is saying (akin language repeat) , brain is thinking (language content) . In with read a paragraph of 5-8 minute after the speech of length or news, should OK the main content that summarizes a primitive. Practice in shadow hind one phase, can arrange " interference " exercise, listening namely, say synchronism undertakes while, the hand also is moved rise. Requirement student from 999 begin to write case, by reciprocal form upgrade writes 999, 998, 997... . The foundation that shadow practices inspecting an individual can have 3-5 week (weekly 2-4 hour) training, exercise form is relatively free, hearing broadcast, watch TV, this exercise can be done when hearing a report. Student arose to want to the exercise of below one phase can turn when synchronism of the language that use interpret is stated in the exercise.

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