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Pass skill to train together (2)- - primitive overview

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Primitive overview exercise is the continuance that practices in shadow. It is student follows with primitive after reading content of a paragraph of speech, the content that stops to be read to just following by memory undertakes summarizing with akin language, the nuclear idea of Baconian speech content thinks. Be like: "On April 8 We Have Noticed The News Of Japanese Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawas Resignation.This Is An Internal Affairs Of Japan. Prime Minister Hosokawa Has Made A Valuable Effort To Promote Sino-Japanese Friendly Relations.We Hope That Sino-Japanese Relations Can Continue Stable And Healthful Development. " OK and wraparound for: "Japanese Prime Minister Resigned.We Hope This Will Not Have Impact On Sino-Japanese Relations. " when beginning to do this kinds of exercise, time interval is OK and opposite a bit shorter, after student control essentials again gradually lengthen. The purpose that primitive overview practices is short-term memory, edge listens to education student, the frontier says, the edge thinks (catch core content) habit.

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