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The training method of simultaneous interpretation mixes shallow analyse skill

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The training method of simultaneous interpretation

1.Memory trains (Memory Training)

Source language repeat

Purpose language repeat

2.Write down note training

The characteristic that oral interpretation takes notes: Instant, brief, of frame, bright individual characteristic

The means that oral interpretation takes notes: Of retractive type, perpendicular, of space

3.Pass training together

"Shadow " train (Shadowing Exercise)

The training that inspect interpret (Sight Interpretation)

Take hour of training (Tape Hours)

The skill of simultaneous interpretation

Be being passed together is the profession that theory of a be in harmony and practice are an organic whole, we admit he nots allow really easy, but be not with respect to too high to reach, also won't have today's vocational training otherwise, since his practicality is very strong, so, for certain among them many skill is in inside.

I was summed up, the core that passes skill together or the soul is make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings, be about to brief simple sentence differentiates give priority to gastric guest, break a sentence of two or more clauses cent to be different idea group (Sense Group) , still return finally advocate gastric guest comes up. Below my general introduces a few skill in be being passed together from below a few one respects, these skill are gotten from inside my practice activity a little.

Art of composition of 1, rhythm:

The cuts dot and time option that translates namely. The syllable passing interpret of English compares Chinese normally a bit much dot, for instance, if read the 30 seconds when a kind of Chinese should be used, the English that reads this paragraphs of Chinese with similar rhythm translates draft to may want to cost 35 seconds above, so, speech Chinese stalks of grain, when the English that pass interpret, speed needs to accelerate a bit, conversely criterion a little a bit slower. If cutting time to tell, can be opposite according to oneself of the language control ability and oneself instantaneous memory comes specific treat and handle. If oneself have solidder strength in this two respects relatively, OK lag speechmaker 3/4 sentence or, if be deficient in a bit, must be in sluggish second half sentence hind catch up with in time.

Attention: Summonning a translator together is the interpreter that content allows internally, is not the word group interpreter to word group, must use an interpreter in the ability on the foundation of understanding above all, otherwise the phrase of a few independence or phrase is to cannot pass significant information. Change and of character, not be lecturer skips give a word you tighten follow closely to go up, such before long you were guided inadvertently by lecturer with respect to meeting him discovery a blind lane.
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