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Simultaneous interpretation is basic principle

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Simultaneous interpretation since an art, it is a technology. Accordingly, certain basic principle can be abided by in the interpreter, work in order to achieve the oral interpretation of more effective ground that finish. In simultaneous interpretation, especially in job of Chinese-English simultaneous interpretation, the following can regard guidance as the principle that we have translating:

(1)Arrange a drive: In conducting a process together, dragoman presses the sentential order of heard primitive, cut whole sentence Cheng Yiqun unit or bit of information, reuse conjunction rises these unit nature join, interpret gives integral meaning. This kind of interpreter method is " arrange a drive " . If the following sentence presses the principle that arranges a drive,come interpret: "Everybody / / OK resource of Internet of have the aid of / / will learn, no matter they are which nations, / / why to plant sexual distinction, / / why to plant color of skin, / / want them to may receive Internet only. " translation: "All Can Study //by Relying On Internet Resources// Regardless Of Their Race, nationality And Sex// Providing That //they Could Have Access To The Internet. " simultaneous interpretation undertakes with the speech synchronism of primitive spokesman, inside the instant after translating an activity to must end in primitive spokesman speech (or at the same time) end. Accordingly, pass dragoman to want utmost ground to be striven for in translating a process together shorten the time between interpreter and primitive speech is wrong. This time difference is less, the content that dragoman remembers can be jumped over much, the information that interpret gives is more also. The word order difference of English-Chinese language is bigger, after wanting to listen to clear primitive word order, meaning completely, undertake translating catching up with very hard again primitive spokesman. Accordingly, "Arranging a drive is a of English-Chinese simultaneous interpretation the biggest feature. "Arranging a drive is a of English-Chinese simultaneous interpretation the biggest feature..

(2)Adjust at any time: Adjusting is the school interpret process in simultaneous interpretation, it is dragoman basis the new content that accepts adjusts the information, important segment that corrects interpret of mistranslate, compensatory leakage. Appear adverbial modifier of medium time, place in mostly like English sentence end, using " arrange a drive " when undertaking an interpreter, meeting occurrence interpret is over main clause, give the case of current situation language again. Be like: "I Went To Holiday Inn//for A Seminar// At 10 Oclock//yesterday. " press the principle that arranges a drive, likelihood such interpret: "I went holiday hotel / / attend a seminar / / at 10 o'clock / / yesterday. " add adjust a process, this sentence may is by interpret in actual interpreter: "I go holiday hotel / / attend a seminar / / time is yesterday morning at 10 o'clock. "I go holiday hotel / / attend a seminar / / time is yesterday morning at 10 o'clock..
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