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Simultaneous interpretation grooms class the 2nd period student feedbacks

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Simultaneous interpretation channelOn May 18, 2005 company of Beijing century simultaneous interpretation

Company of Beijing century simultaneous interpretation the 2nd period simultaneous interpretation grooms class in October 2004 - during November open, gain huge success. It is below the 2nd period the feedback of partial student:

1. Cropland young lady, secretary of foreign enterprise president. Before attending class, just be admitted by the company, can undertake communicating with English at that time, hold the position of accompany an interpreter simply. Attend class still insist to learn training after the end. After course ends two months, carried out the conference to make the task that pass first in when the company holds large conference, win the manager's commendation, the company submitted an expense account the holding cost of course of its simultaneous interpretation.

2. Miss Zhang, economics Master, england studies abroad two years, just went back to the motherland to attend my company to hold namely before long the 2nd period simultaneous interpretation grooms. When doing an interpreter so, feel two kinds of languages listen very clearly constantly, cannot find right corresponding word namely, rise butt joint of two bells language. Gains of the feeling after course ends is very big, translate ability advance rapidly.

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